July | August 2017

Your One-Stop Policy Resource

by Jennifer Horne
Which states expanded Medicaid in 2013? How much do states spend on K–12 education? What will new EPA regulations on air pollution mean for states?
Find these answers and more in the new and improved CSG Knowledge Center. With a more streamlined interface and a new mobile version, the CSG Knowledge Center is now even easier to use to find critical state policy news and resources.
The CSG Knowledge Center is an interactive policy tool and clearinghouse that puts years of research and CSG resources at a user’s fingertips. Site visitors can view all the information available on a particular topic from across the CSG organization, including Capitol Research policy briefs, Suggested State Legislation, Capitol Ideas magazine articles, infographics and state-by-state data, meeting presentations, webinars and regional publications.
Users can navigate the revamped website in a number of ways, depending on the information needed.
The main page features icons pointing users to the key sections of the site. To see recent additions, just click on “What’s New” or browse the prominent “Featured Articles” section at the top of the front page.
Looking for a specific document? Perform a keyword search. To see all of the policy products CSG has on a specific topic, browse the comprehensive list of policy terms, either broadly, such as Health, or more narrowly, Health—Medicare.
Click on “Publications” to access resolutions, policy briefs, meeting materials, webinars and more.
With the new mobile site, visitors can find information on the go from their smart phone or tablet. The mobile version is automatically formatted for the specific device being used, with simplified menu bars and interface.
Individual documents within the CSG Knowledge Center can be downloaded in PDF, allowing for easy printing or viewing on a tablet computer or an e-reader. The site includes access to Excel spreadsheets for tables for easier data manipulation. In addition, a “More Like This” box appears with each entry to show related items in the CSG Knowledge Center.
The CSG Knowledge Center also hosts Capitol Comments, the CSG blog. CSG policy staff blog regularly about items in the news, providing context, background information and enlightening infographics.
The CSG Knowledge Center hosts the archive of The Book of the States, which provides access to the full text of all volumes dating back to 1935. Each of the past 44 volumes is available in its entirety, including articles and tables.
The Book of the States has a long history of providing detailed information about what states spend, the people they serve and the way they govern. Users can not only track the salary of a state’s governor since 1935, but also can find the salaries of other executive branch officials, as well as information on how much other high-level state officials have earned over the years. The historical volumes illustrate how much has changed, and how much has stayed the same, through often-tumultuous times in the history of the U.S.
Whether users are looking for the latest policy briefs, reading the policy blog to stay up to date on issues of importance, or reviewing the most recent webinar, they will find the CSG Knowledge Center is a one-stop policy resource.