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CSG Legal Task Force

Though it has existed, the CSG Legal Task Force would be officially created to review litigation in federal courts that may potentially impact the states and/or impact the fundamental tenets of the American federalism system. In this role the Legal Task Force will, subject to a majority vote of its members, approve CSG’s participation on amicus curiae briefs to the courts and/or join such briefs as may be submitted by other organizations. The Legal Task Force will, upon the submission or endorsement of an amicus brief, provide written notice to the CSG Leadership Council and will provide a regular written update to the CSG Leadership Council. The membership of the Legal Task Force will consist of three public-sector members designated by each region. The CSG National Chair will appoint a chair of the Legal Task Force from among the group’s membership. All appointments to the Legal Task Force will be for a two-year term beginning on January 1 of odd-numbered years. CSG, excluding CSG affiliates acting in their own name, will not approve or endorse any amicus briefs without the prior approval of the CSG Legal Task Force.
NOTE: This listing of proposed governance changes is neither a complete summary nor does it represent an endorsement by CSG’s Executive Committee or CSG’s Governing Board. The details listed are not final and are subject to change.