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Jan. 12, 2010
Contact: Crady deGolian
(859) 244-8068

National Prescription Drug Monitoring Panel Recommends Interstate Compact

LEXINGTON, Ky., Jan. 12 —A national advisory panel comprised of state legislators, federal agency representatives and other key stakeholders has developed recommendations for an interstate compact that would allow prescription drug monitoring programs from different states to share limited data.
The panel was convened by The Council of State Governments and has met twice to discuss interstate prescription drug monitoring.
Among the recommendations was development of a central hub that would filter information exchanged between states in a manner that respected the usage restrictions specified by the state sending data. This information hub would involve the formation of an interstate commission to administer the compact.
During their meetings, panel members expressed their concerns about the trend in the misuse of some prescription drugs, with particular emphasis on Schedule II - V pharmaceutical products. Forty states have enacted drug monitoring programs.
“Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs ensure that pharmaceuticals are available for medical care. They prevent drug diversion, prescription fraud, ‘doctor shopping,’ and illicit use and abuse,” said Kansas State Sen. Vicki Schmidt, a pharmacist and chair of the panel meetings. “An interstate compact will enhance the effectiveness of the states in addressing these issues.” 
Interstate compacts function, legally, as a contract between the states. There are more than 200 interstate compacts and most states belong to more than 20 different interstate compacts.
The Council of State Governments, through its National Center for Interstate Compacts, is uniquely qualified to lead this effort toward greater interstate prescription drug monitoring cooperation with its more than 75 years of experience in forging interstate compacts .
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