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March 10, 2011


Update: Green Jobs Increase as Recovery Act Funding Ends 

WASHINGTON, D.C.—According to a new CSG report, stimulus-funded green jobs topped 51,700 in the sixth and final quarter of the Recovery Act. The report updates past CSG green job reports. The first report, released in December 2009, found that roughly 13,000 green jobs were created or saved in the first quarter of the Recovery Act.
The increase in jobs created or saved in the first quarter compared to the last quarter accounts for a 294 percent increase.  Much of this significant increase is due to the delay in grant awarding, projects starting, and therefore jobs being created. These jobs were supported by programs funded by the Department of Energy, Department of Labor and Environmental Protection Agency.
Washington, Ohio and California lead the nation in total green jobs, with each state having created or saved more than 3,700 jobs. Tennessee, Texa, and South Carolina are also among the leaders with more than 2,000 green jobs funded by the Recovery Act. In Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Minnesota and Utah, more than 20 percent of all Recovery Act jobs are green jobs.
Per the Office of Management and Budget guidelines, Recovery Act recipients are not required to count cumulative jobs. As a result, the 51,700 jobs included in this report provide only a snapshot in time, which includes some jobs that were created in previous quarters that continue to be supported by Recovery Act funds, as well as new jobs initiated this quarter.  
Roughly 9 percent of all Recovery Act funded jobs in the final quarter were green jobs.  However, the future of these programs remains in doubt.  The President’s FY 2012 budget proposes a “Race to the Green” program through the Department of Energy to further programs started under Recovery Act initiatives such as the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant.  However, House leaders have proposed to zero out many stimulus-funded green jobs programs. 
Chris Whatley, the director of CSG’s Washington, D.C., office, commented on the report: “The jury is still out on the impact of green jobs on America’s economic recovery.  However, it is clear that a number of states were successful in leveraging stimulus funds to advance their economic development strategies.”
Download the full report here.




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