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Oct. 20, 2010

CSG Leader Pennsylvania Rep. Chris Ross
Joins EPA Advisory Group


LEXINGTON, Ky.—Pennsylvania Rep. Chris Ross, already a leader in The Council of State Governments Energy & Environment Task Force, will join with other state and local leaders on a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency advisory group. 
Administrator Lisa P. Jackson appointed Ross to the EPA Local Government Advisory Committee with 29 other state, local and tribal officials.
Ross was appointed co-chair of CSG’s Energy & Environment Task Force for 2009-10 and has been an important voice in the community of state government when it comes to energy issues. Previously, Ross served as co-chair of CSG’s Suggested State Legislation Committee, a group that votes on and compiles legislation from the states so they may learn from each other.
“One of the exciting areas where I see some growth in Pennsylvania and I see it actually happening across the country, is development of both renewable energy resources here domestically in the United States and then also the whole area of conservation and demand-side management for electricity,” Ross said in a video interview with CSG.
“It’s really important for us to talk to each other in state government and also with the private sector and people in the regulatory field like the utility commissioners, to try and understand better what kinds of changes are coming forward,” Ross said.
States play a central role in managing natural resources and protecting the environment because they are responsible for implementing most federal environmental programs. States are also often the first to develop programs and policies in areas where the federal government has not yet acted.
CSG’s Energy & Environment Policy Force tracks national conditions and emerging trends, identifies innovative and effective solutions, and transforms these solutions into viable policy positions and response projects.


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