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Contact: Jo Brosius
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Oct. 26, 2010

CSG Launches Elections Center


LEXINGTON, Ky.—Looking at elections in all three branches of state government from across the nation, The Council of State Governments Elections Center 2010 is a resource for both pre- and post-election party control data and how the outcomes might affect various policy areas heading into 2011. CSG launched the online elections center at its new Knowledge Center, a one-stop online and interactive policy resource for state officials.
"This election will set the stage for how states create their budgets for the next couple of years, and given the projected shortfalls, there will be clear winners and losers," said John Mountjoy, CSG director of policy and research. "The fact is that absent substantial revenue rebounds, we're talking about a complete 'reset' of citizen expectations for their government. Some programs and services may literally end and not come back."
Follow the 2010 elections with CSG. Get the facts on all the races in the states with easy-to-read, individual reports available in PDF and Excel formats. Because CSG covers all three branches of government, you can view snapshots of state legislative races, gubernatorial races, state supreme court races and more.
There's even a downloadable report on current state officials who are seeking Congressional seats. That list includes the nearly 60 state officials who are running for the U.S. House of Representatives or U.S. Senate and includes the names and current positions of the candidates. Eighty-four percent of current state government officials running for Congressional seats are serving in their state legislature.
"Clearly voters are frustrated ... and the challenge come January will be for state leaders to channel this frustration into positive outcomes, rather than partisan gridlock," Mountjoy said.


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