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State Transportation Officials
Ponder Uncertain Funding Future


LEXINGTON, Ky.--State transportation officials will have two things on their minds during the 2014 legislative sessions, funding and uncertainty.

CSG released its annual listing of the top 5 issues legislators will face this session in education, energy and the environment, fiscal, health, interstate compacts and transportation. 2014 is likely to be another critical year for transportation.

MAP-21, the 2012 federal surface transportation authorization bill, will expire at the end of September. Without Congressional action, the Highway Trust Fund will run out of money in the 2015 fiscal year.
Although state policymakers may not be sure about how the federal government is going to continue funding transportation, state leaders aren't letting that stop them from taking matters into their own hands.


Quote from Sean Slone, CSG Program Manager for Transportation Policy
""States are particularly concerned about the expiration of MAP-21 in the fall and the pending insolvency of the Highway Trust Fund in 2015. Will the cycle of uncertainty about the future of the federal program we've been in for the past few years continue or will Congress be able to come up with a sustainable solution to help meet the nation's growing transportation needs?

"While states are concerned about what's going to happen in Washington, they certainly haven't been waiting around. A number of them produced significant transportation revenue packages in 2013 and early indicators show that trend could certainly continue in 2014."


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