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Energy and Environment

New EPA Rule Tops Environmental
Policy Issues in 2014


LEXINGTON, Ky.--When the new legislative session starts in statehouses across the country, the Clean Air Act is likely to top the list of important issues facing energy and environment committees in 2014.

CSG released its annual listing of the top 5 issues legislators will face this session in education, energy and the environment, fiscal, health, interstate compacts and transportation. Legislators interested in energy and environmental issues will be paying close attention this year to the Environmental Protection Agency, which is expected to issue a rule in June that will require state implementation plans for regulating greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants under the Clean Air Act.

Implementation plans normally take state agencies several years to develop. The EPA is expecting states to have one developed and submitted in less than two.


Quote from Brydon Ross, CSG Director of Energy and Environmental Policy
""This will be a huge undertaking by state air agencies and several major factors are currently unknown in the forthcoming compliance guidance that will be issued by EPA.

"Questions remain regarding whether states will be required to reduce emissions at each power plant site or on a systemwide basis. States also don't know if their existing efforts to promote renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions will count toward the pending requirements.

"States have never been required to regulate carbon emissions under these implementation plans and the amount of carbon emissions dwarfs the levels of current pollutants currently regulated under federal law. States with large coal fleets and many Midwestern manufacturing states likely will pay close attention to this upcoming rule, especially when the guidance is issued."


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