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Crady deGolian | Senior Policy Analyst | National Center for Interstate Compacts
cradyCrady deGolian joined CSG in 2006. In his current role, deGolian manages each of the National Center for Interstate Compacts’ projects from development to implementation. He worked extensively on the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children and the Interstate Compact for Juveniles. He also has been involved in the development of several new compact efforts, including the Prescription Monitoring Program Compact and an interstate compact to govern thoroughbred and harness racing. DeGolian has written extensively about interstate compacts and has given several presentations on the topic. He has been with the National Center for approximately two years and with CSG for more than four years. He previously worked with the health and education policy staffs.
A native of Louisville, Ky., deGolian holds a bachelor’s degree in history and political science from Furman University in Greenville, S.C., and a master’s degree in diplomacy and international relations from the University of Kentucky.
Areas of expertise
  1. Interstate compacts


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Nathan Dickerson | Research Analyst | National Center for Interstate Compacts
Nathan Dickerson joined The Council of State Governments  in 2009. He has worked on two operational administrative compacts: the Interstate Compact for Juveniles and the Interstate Compact for the Educational Opportunity of Military Children. He continues to assist with a variety of other developing compacts projects including an interstate compact for prescription monitoring programs.
With an academic and professional background in public policy, technology and communications, Dickerson is also the lead coordinator of CSG’s social media presence.
Dickerson holds a bachelor’s degree in public policy from the University of Kentucky.
Areas of expertise
  1. Interstate compacts
  2. Social media

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Michael H. McCabe | Director | CSG Midwest
MCCABEAs director of the Midwestern office of The Council of State Governments, Mike McCabe oversees the efforts of a 12-member team that provides research and staff support services to several groups of state officials, including primarily the Midwestern Legislative Conference.  Prior to assuming his current duties, he served as a policy analyst and later as the assistant director of the Midwestern office.
Over the years, CSG has played an instrumental role in the creation of numerous interstate compacts.  McCabe has provided drafting and consulting assistance in connection with several such agreements, including the Interstate Agricultural Grain Marketing Compact, the Midwestern Higher Education Compact, the Interstate Insurance Receivership Compact, the Interstate Compact on Mental Health, the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Compact and the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact.  More recently, he participated in the development of the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision and the Interstate Compact for Juveniles.  He is also the co-author of The Evolving Use and the Changing Role of Interstate Compacts – A Practitioner’s Guide, published by the American Bar Association in 2006.
Before joining CSG, McCabe worked as an attorney with a private law firm in Des Moines, Iowa.  A graduate of Iowa State University, he earned his law degree at the University of Illinois.
Areas of expertise:
  1. Interstate compacts
  2. Great Lakes issues


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