Toll Alumni Experiences

The Toll Fellowship Program is one of the nation’s premier leadership development programs for state government officials, but you don't have to just take our word on it.  Read what Toll Alumni have to say about the program!


Sen. Mike Brubaker, Pennsylvania
Toll Fellowship Class of 2012
“The Council of State Governments’ founder Henry Wolcott Toll would be proud if he were here with us today to see his vision of leadership development realized. His investment is delivering a class of leaders who collectively are allies in the fight to help their communities and tackle their states' problems. The Toll experience allows these individuals to be given a rare opportunity to interact in a bipartisan manner with those in all levels of government and learn that cooperation can take them to new heights in personal excellence. As a result, relationships are formed and they serve as an important part of the Henry Toll Fellowship Program, helping public officials like myself to acquire the leadership skills necessary to meet the challenges facing state government in the 21st century.”


Hon. James Collins, Delaware
Deputy Secretary of State
Toll Fellowship Class of 2012
“Constantly dealing with the day-to-day challenges of public service can tend to cause us to develop a bit of tunnel vision. Being a part of the Toll Fellows program was very refreshing and a great reminder that I operate as part of a larger public service organism. … Walking in a mile in the shoes of legislators, judges and policy heads provided revelation of the challenges faced at their levels which I think will help me to approach issues in a way that help us all pull in the same direction--toward the greater good… I particularly enjoyed the group exercises, because they served as a great tool to emphasize the point that, in many cases, it takes the combined gifts and talents and experiences of the group to achieve success. I returned to Delaware with a keen awareness of the imperativeness of collaboration in order to achieve optimal results with colleagues and for those we serve. I am proud to be counted among the distinguished members of the Toll Fellowship alumni and I highly recommend the program to other government leaders.”


Rep. Dan Saddler,  Alaska
Toll Fellowship Class of 2012
“As a freshman legislator, I didn’t know what to expect from my Toll Fellowship experience. Several Toll Fellows among my statehouse colleagues assured me it was a valuable experience and they were absolutely right. In a challenging and rewarding week, I learned a tremendous amount about how I operate, how to work with others to achieve a common goal and how to build effective teams of people with different skills, styles and values. The experience helped me challenge myself to set ambitious goals and try new strategies as a legislator, and it has helped me build continuing relationships and friendships that I know will be valuable throughout my career and life.
“I have nominated friends for the Toll Fellowship and would strongly recommend the program to any public official seeking challenge and growth.”